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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Be Mine!

This child is obviously mine: "I know EXACTLY what I'm going to get you for Hannukah! Except...I just forgot."

This child looks an awfully lot like his dad:

But this conversation proves he is also so very obviously mine (or at least takes after me in the dislike of the phone department):

Me: "Can someone get the phone?
Can someone get the phone please?
Jared? Jared! Get the phone!
You got it?"
Jared: I GOT IT!
Me: "Who was it?"
Jared: (doesn't respond)
Me: "Did you
Jared: "No."
These people are not strictly mine, but are still quite obviously closely related to me.
My brother David: "You want to go up the stairs!?!?"
My nephew Rex: "Uh huh."
David: "In your rollerblades?"
Rex: "Yeah."
David: "Really?"
Rex: "Uh huh."
David: "Well, you know, I didn't bring bandaids, so you'll just have to bleed all over your clothes."
Rex: "Okay."

Rex, Me, David

I find myself saying this just a little too often:

You guys have GOT to flush the toilet! How do you expect the cats to have any fresh water?!?!?!?!
In my defense, the cats actually prefer the toilet water.

And speaking of words I find coming out of my mouth, I shout this out fairly regularly as my kids or preschool kids whiz past on various wheeled forms of transportation (rollerblades, tricycles):

Do you suppose that works when they get to be teenagers?


Anonymous said...

Well, good looks certainly run in the family. That is a great photo. I thought your brother would be good looking ... and he is!

David plays the acoustic guitar? He named his son Rex? Cool name.

Yes, you all belong to each other.

My mom has no problem talking on the phone, at least with me. However, she has problems with the cordless phone I gave her SEVERAL YEARS AGO. I'll get these types of messages on my answering machine:

"Ok. That's it. Uh...hmm. Is this thing off? Is this the button? [beep!] no..that's not it. OH! This one! Is this hung up? Huh?"

Then I'll try to call her back and the phone will be busy because she never did hang up.

Fun post!

People in the Sun said...

I know what she can get you for Hanukkah: a shopping list.

(Great pictures, by the way).

Buddy always has a bowl of water downstairs, but for some reason he preferrs going through the trouble of breaking into the bathroom to get toilet water. I'm not stopping him anymore; just making sure I flush.

People in the Sun said...

I mean prefers.

Anonymous said...

PITS: I am guessing that animals prefer water from the toilet (assuming no "blue stuff" or other cleaners are added) because it seems...fresher. Especially if the flapper valve needs replacing so you get that great (to them) "fresh from the stream" sensation. For your dogs, it's probably at a better height? I know they have these raised platforms for water and food bowls for the larger breed of dogs...

Anonymous said...

Well I liked that post! It was humorous (whether intentional or not) and it showed off a little bit about yourself (by showing those close to you).

And I'm thinking (based on the experience of myself and others) that the yelling won't cut it in the future. Teenagers have a tendency to go against yelling of any kind. Wouldn't you say?

Maureen said...

Yeah, forget about that when they hit the teenage years. Then the only thing that works is bribery... funny, I posted about the telephone in my last post too!

Lynn said...

Great photos! You all are a very good looking group that is for sure.
I have to say that teenage years are not any better. My 18 year old just grins and lol at me now. He thinks everything is funny and then ... just walks away without a care in the world. Good luck

Disa said...

wow. i bet large family gatherings are quite entertaining...

Lara Neves said...

I suppose you could try saying that to them when they hit can't hurt. Well, maybe it can. With all the teenage rebellion and desire to do exactly the opposite of what parents say....:)

I think you have a very fun doubt about that.

toners said...

LOLOL!! In our house I think we do a little too much call screening thanks to Caller ID; now I'll hear DD saying "oh, it's just so-and-so; I'll call her back later"...

And you're not alone with the cat-drinking-the-toilet-water issue; ours will try any type of water that's in there so we have to be real careful :)

RW said...

Good looking group there nice photos!.. hey where is that tractor photo? I have a new tractor photo going up next Thursday that sits way up on top of a grain silo hope it comes out good! Have a great weekend Jill!

Jill said...

Thanks Ms.Q! He plays acoustic & electric. I imagine I probably sound like your mom on the machines sometimes...

People - She DOES need to get me a shopping list. For some reason I have better luck finding an interesting CD at the grocery store and forgetting stuff like, oh, soap or milk. Yeah. We're out of both.

Maureen, Derek, Lara - Yeah, yelling really doesn't hold much sway even *now*. I have this vague hope that by teaching them & the preschoolers the difference between staying in control or out of control...I dunno...actually I'm pretty much familiar with the difference between the two & yet it hasn't served me all that well...KIDDING!

Disa - Yeah, I laugh a lot when I'm with my brother. :-)

Toners - I rarely ever answer the phone anymore unless I know *exactly* who's on the other end! "What?!? Why is my phone ringing?!?! What is this number???? Oh well, they'll call back if it's really important..."

Thanks Roger! I'll put it up w/the next post! :-)

Noelia said...

Your kids are so good-looking.
Great pics Jill! You should post more pics of yourself, you're very beautiful :)

Helena said...


I remember once when my sister had a friend over, the phone rang and my brother answered it. He handed it to my sister's friend without saying anything, and she hung it up. Turned out it was for her, but she didn't know that.

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol, I hate the phone too!

Jill said...

Thanks Noelia!!! :-)

Helena - Yeah, I think we've done that one a time or two too!

DJ - I think I remember we have talked about our mutual dislike of the telephone before! :-)

Anonymous said...

i like the green top. very flattering.


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