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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Well Shooty Booty!

(as my friend and once-cousin Jennifer would say)...I'm on vacation but popping in quickly in an attempt to prevent my blog from becoming TOO very stale and oldy-moldy.

Here's a picture of Sugar Tov, our male cat, named after my son's favorite food group. While Nimue is partial to tampons, Sugar's booty of choice is hair squishies. Not only does he love to play with them, he uses them to express his (foul) moods by depositing them into the toilet. In this picture Sugar looks on in dismay as Cassie has exposed his entire stash of hair squishies he had been collecting underneath the oven:

In a totally unrelated incident, my son Jared once had a hankerin' for this booty-related snack:

He was two or three at the time, and unable to read the packaging or remember the name for what he so craved. He did the best he could with what he had to work with:
Can I have some of that... (pause)

some of that... (pause)

some of that... (pause)

some of that PIRATE'S BUTT?

Because of the slow computer here and the fact that I have nephews to spoil and a new year's party to help throw, I am unlikely to return to the computer for a few days. Before meandering back into vacation-land though, one of my sources for the spellings of my particular word choices for booty or bootie, but or butt would like to be sited. The other prefers to remain anonymous.


Saradevil said...

Happy New Year to you.

I love that collection of squishes, btw.

Ingrid said...

Aw, I bet Sugar Tov worked really hard on that collection!

Have a great vacation and Happy New Year!

RW said...

Happy New Year to ya Jill C'ya next year :D

DJ Kirkby said...

Your cats are too wierd!

Unknown said...

maybe you can train the felines to collect stamps or something :)

Happy new year!!

Christine said...

I hope ST only COLLECTS the hair thingies, and doesn't snack on them. Our neighbor's cat just had to have one surgically removed, to the tune of $1000.

My cats don't seem to collect anything. I guess not everyone needs a hobby.

the frogster said...

Booty works for me. I just watched "Pirates of the Caribbean III" with my wife last night, and after watching Johnny Depp, I'd say she was up for some pirate booty too.

Disa said...

mmmm....pirate butt, comes sprinkled with sea salt.

Anonymous said...

Your cats are so cute, beautiful, really. "Hair Squishies"? Are those different than "Scrunchies?"

I used to have a massive hair accessory collection: barrettes, scrunchies, clips, bands. This was back when I had hair past my booty, er.. butt. I have short hair now but it's interesting to see mens' eyes glaze over when they see a photo of me (back in the day) with long straight black hair flowing past my waist.

Add Chinese to the photo and men are cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs.

Maybe I should ship my scrunchies to Sugar Tov.

Maureen said...

Happy New Year Jill! Hope you are having a great time.... love the stash of hair bands. Too cute.

RW said...

Jill where are you?

Unknown said...

I am an avid reader of your blog. And I speak for myself and my multiple personalities when I say that we all like your blog. However, new topics and fresh insights are coming at a slower pace....are you, perhaps, otherwise occupied? Perhaps the Republican Presidential race has your focus versus your reading public. Perhaps your membership i the John Birch takes time at their Houston functions? Perhaps there is some mensch who caught your eye and has left you discombobulated? I await new blog posts with high anticipation!!!!

Jill said...

Thanks Saradevil, Ingrid, Roger (for the NY wishes AND calling me back over here!).

DJ Kirkby - that's a little bit the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it?

SJ - Hmmmm...I think if their going to actually be making their own purchases, I'd rather they take up a chocolate or beer collection!

Christine - YIKE!!!!!!!!!!!

Frogster - I've never seen those movies but I can just about 'magine...

Funny Disa!

Ms. Q - THANKS on my kitties!!!! And maybe instead of shipping the squishies (and/or scrunchies!) you should grow your hair! I'm thinking cookoo for cocoa puffs sounds like a positive...

Ray - Je suppose que tu aies besoin de voyager plus et de cette manière je puis avoir du temps pour escribier. :-0 :-0 La unica cosa es que asi yo tendra que llamar mas a Tripple A... :-0


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