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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm sure I can get an arm and a leg for SOMEONE'S soul around here...

A typical weekend morning at our house -
Older Gal (coming into the back yard) - "What are you doing?"

The-Guy - "Good Morning 'Older Gal'"

Older Gal - "Good Morning. What are you doing?"

The-Guy - "I'm scrubbing out the pool. Earlier today I took a run."

Me - "I put your soul up for sale on Ebay."

Older Gal - "Thanks"
Several seconds pass.
Older Gal - "Thanks? I didn't mean thanks.
I mean thanks, but I meant, can I see the listing? Why did you put MY soul up for sale?"

Me - "I thought it would get a better price than mine."

Older Gal (nods) - "Oh. Okay."
Older Gal heads back inside the house.

Several minutes later, Older Gal pops her head out the back door and calls out, "Did you put my soul up for sale because I'm young and virgin?!?!"

I didn't, but I'll highlight both those qualities in the description. That should up the bidding. Meanwhile, Kristine came up with a great idea: We can sell Sugar's soul nine times!

Except, I'm pretty sure Sugar may have beaten us to the punch on this one. He's already a pretty evil cat. Nimue, on the other hand, is fairly innocuous. I'll bet all nine of his lives are still up for grabs.

Speaking of which, have you ever tried to get a cat to pose with a flag of Israel so as to wish the blogging world a happy Israeli Independence Day/Yom Ha'atzma'ut? No? I thought perhaps Older Gal and I might be kind'a unique that way.

Here's are our best efforts. Notice that it's the evil cat who has reluctantly agreed to pose. He can't be all bad:
On a totally unrelated note, I'll bet you thought NPR meant National Public Radio:Last but not least, here are a couple of pictures from yesterday's flood:
I know, this guy has better pictures:But the water bubbling up out of the manhole covers was sort of graceful in it's own way. I probably needed video instead. At any rate, happy Yom Ha'atzma'ut!


delmer said...

If this is Israel's Independence day that means it's also my buddy's birthday (same day, same year). I'll get Israel a belated birthday card the same time I pick up his.

People in the Sun said...

Speaking of Zionist cats, I just bought my ticket. Hooray for 12 hours flights!

Unknown said...

I didn't know your cat was political. Happy WatZupWitTat!!!

Kristine said...

Happy Israel Independence Day!

Unknown said...

I have to bust out my Israeli flag. The cat looks good with that flag.

I'm ready to sell my soul if the price is right.

DJ Kirkby said...

Wow that flood is a bit freaky. Erm...as is your selling of souls, poor cats..oh and poor Older Gal too, obviously :) unless she liked it of course ;)

ALF said...

In the first picture the cat does NOT look happy. And, I am totally afraid of floods.

Jill said...

Delmer - Hope you've got it in the mail!

People - You know, before Southwest started flying Northeast, it used to take me 12 hours to get to my mom & dad's door to door. The whole time change thing is way worse though!!!!!

SJ - That's funny, I hadn't really realized he was political either!

You too Kristine - I hope you had blue & white cupcakes!

Ricardo - Good luck with the sale! I hope between you & Sugar and Older Gal we don't overload the market!

DJ Kirkby & Alf - Yeah, he wasn't all THAT crazy about the idea. But in the end, he always comes around - he'd rather have our attention even if it IS sticking a flag under his collar.

A Free Man said...

Do you ever get the feeling that Houston is maybe supposed to be under water?

Kerry McKibbins said...

Excuse me, but you need to write a book. Do it now!

Jill said...

A Free Man - Braeswood Boulevard is definitely supposed to be under water, I'm pretty sure of that. Otherwise, why would they have had to cement in the bayou?

Hey thank Kerry! That's what my daughter always says. But I don't think I have the discipline though, or something. Because I tried one summer break and it just never got long enough to be a book, and one of my best friends would always call me and sigh and say things like, "Are you going to be one of those people that locks themselves in their room and never comes out and never does anything but write?" And so then I'd have to go out drinking with her...

Arizaphale said...

You had a flood?Divine retribution for soul selling perhaps? Happy belated Independence day.

Jill said...

Arizaphale - Yeah, maybe so! Then again, souls must be a really hot commodity here in Houston, 'cause it floods fairly regularly. :-0


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